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TMJ Syndrome: Symptoms, Risks & Relief

TMJ Specialist with Symptoms | Flagstaff | Prescott Valley

Excruciating pain in the jaw and facial region can unsettle anyone. Such episodes concern the temporomandibular joint. The joint is the fulcrum that connects the upper jaw bone with its counterpart in the lower jaw. If this joint does not function perfectly, it could be due to a condition called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ. In our previous blog, we have discussed TMJ disorder and diagnosis with TMJ specialist Flagstaff and Prescott Valley. Read on to know about TMJ symptoms, risks and relief.

Understanding Temporomandibular Joint:

This joint incorporates ligaments, muscles, bones and discs in the facial area. Together, they determine the mobility of the jaw. If this movement produces pain, then it is a visible indication that the jaw joint is dysfunctioning and need to visit a TMJ specialist in Prescott Valley.

Symptoms of TMJ:

  • Tenderness or aches in the jaw joint, shoulder, neck region and face
  • Discomfort while chewing
  • Problems like dizziness, headaches and toothaches
  • Pain in the ear, hearing issues, and ringing sensation in the ear
  • Difficulty in closing and opening the mouth
  • Clicking sound in the mouth due to locked jaw

Risk Factors and Causes of TMJ:

Symptoms related to TMJ disorder can be identified easily. But the real cause is difficult to determine. The causes could vary from disc erosion, damages in joint cartilage due to arthritis, injuries to jaw, chronic jaw grinding due to anxiety or stress, excessive chewing of bubble gums, or diseases related to connective tissues and poor posture. Visiting a sleep physician near you in Flagstaff can help in determining the TMJ casues.

Medical Treatments for TMJ Disorder:

Self care for TMJ treatment at home ranges from relying on over-the-counter medications to massages. But if the symptoms mentioned above are recurring in nature, consulting with a reputed sleep medicine near you in Flagstaff like Dr. JC Goodwin, who practices at Sleep Effect Center for Apnea Management.

Medications to Alleviate Pain:

Relief measures include the usage of anti-inflammatory medicament drugs to muscle relaxers to numb the pain.

  • Mouth Guards or Oral Splints:

    They are devices that are affixed to the teeth to keep the jaw in place.

  • Therapy:

    A TMJ specialist in Flagstaff can offer physical therapy. This ranges from massage routines and stretching techniques that help strengthen the jaw. Ultrasound will help diagnose the factors that worsen the pain. Evaluating patient’s behavioral patterns are also included the treatment.

  • Surgery Options:

    When all other options fail and the pain persists, then surgery must be relied on. They include invasive to non-invasive procedures. Based on the complication, surgery options can be arthrocentesis, arthroscopy for TMJ, adapted condylotomy, injections to the joint etc.


If you stay in Prescott or Flagstaff and you wish to learn more about TMJ syndrome, visit our sleep clinic in Flagstaff at Sleep Effect Center for Apnea Management. Visit our website to arrange for an appointment or to have a conversation right away. For more information call us at (928) 778-4555 and schedule an appointment today.

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