We are remaining open and are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our patients. We are scheduling patients so that there is minimal patient to patient interaction.

Patient Success Stories

"I have sleep apnea and I LOVE my Mandibular Advancement Device. I call it "my mouthpiece." It's small, plastic and metal, kind of like a retainer that kids wear at night. It moves my jaw forward, so my airway remains open and I can sleep. It's SO MUCH BETTER than C-PAP. I got mine from Dr. J.C. Goodwin at SLEEPEFFECT in Prescott Valley. In December 2017, I was in a rehabilitation hospital for two weeks, following a bad car accident. My mouthpiece needed an adjustment, so I called the office. David came to the hospital that very day to make the adjustment, so I could sleep that night. Luckily, the hospital is only a few blocks away from the office, but I still thought that kind of service was impeccable!"
- J. Cooke

"Bethany and everyone at Doctor Goodwin's office have been so helpful. My husband and I are both quite impressed that even Doctor Goodwin himself answers the phone. One time I called with a question for him and was expecting to leave a message for him to call me, but he was the one who answered the phone and I was able to get answer to my question immediately with only one phone call. With most doctors' offices, I am lucky to get a live person answering the phones, usually its elaborate menus and answering services and multiple calls to get a response. We are quite impressed with the quality of service from doctor Goodwin."
- Joanne Carter

"I suffered from sleep apnea for over ten years. I had to retire earlier than I wanted to because I just couldn’t function for the full 8 hours that I needed to. I asked the sleep specialist, are there any other medical interventions out there that weren’t designed around the CPAP strategy? The answer was YES and I was referred to Dr. J.C. Goodwin in Prescott Valley. Dr. Goodwin designed an oral appliance specifically for my problem and it has changed my life. I am now sleeping 6-7 solid hours and I feel like a new person. There aren’t any tubes, or anything else that would interfere with my restless style of sleep. I couldn’t be happier to write up this testimonial for Dr. Goodwin. One last comment, Dr. Goodwin is a Medicare provider which means I paid nothing out of pocket for the appliance."
- J. A. Marr

"I first met Dr. Goodwin about 3 1/2 years ago when he explained the oral appliance to replace CPAP to the group of doctors I worked with. I knew immediately that this was the solution for me since I was waking up daily with my CPAP mask on the floor and more tired than ever. My appointment for the fitting of the appliance was easy and adjusting to wearing it for me was much easier than wearing the CPAP mask. My sleep study with the oral appliance showed a significant reduction in the number of apnea episodes and I have been getting a good night’s sleep ever since. If any problems arise, it is easy to get a follow-up appointment with Dr. Goodwin and he has been able to readjust my appliance for a better fit."
- R. Maynard

"When diagnosed with sleep apnea, a CPAP machine was prescribed for me. It was cumbersome and I literally hated it. Since being fitted with an oral appliance from Dr. Goodwin, according to my wife, I do not snore and I don’t really know I have it in my mouth.”
- M. Schirm

"I required the use of a CPAP for two years. My sleep specialist thought I could be a candidate for an oral appliance and stated, ‘I refer my patients ONLY to Dr. Goodwin.’ I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Goodwin’s professionalism, thoroughness and kindness. My sleep apnea has been controlled beautifully now for 1 ½ years"
- Dianne H.

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