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The 5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and Their Effective Treatment

The 5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and Their Effective Treatment

One of the most widely reported health issues across the world is associated with sleeping. Sleep disorders mostly comprise a varied group of conditions concerning lack of regular and sound sleep. Fortunately, there are sleep disorder centers that can help identify and cure habitual sleep disorders. The Sleep Effect Center For Apnea Management, where Dr. J C Goodwin practices, is the best sleep disorder clinic in Prescott Valley and Flagstaff to resolve your sleep issues. Read on to gather some useful information about the cause and the types of sleep disorders:

Various Types of Sleep Disorders:

Sleep disorders impair a person’s sleep or prevent one from obtaining peaceful sleep, resulting in daytime sleepiness and other disorders.

Around 80 types of sleep disorders are identified. But the following five disorders related to sleep are the most familiar ones:

  1. Sleep Apnea:

    Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that results in the continuous blocking of the airway resulting in the termination of breathing. Disturbed or shallow sleep, lack of energy, irritation, and tiredness are the symptoms of sleep apnea. Dr. JC Goodwin who practices at Sleep Effect Center For Apnea Management prescribes alternative apnea management techniques that includes behavioral, positional and oral appliance therapy for treating sleep apnea. His sleep disorder center in Prescott Valley and Flagstaff offers advanced and more effective treatments than the conventional CPAP therapy.

  2. Insomnia:

    Difficulty to fall asleep or staying asleep is called insomnia. Short term insomnia is the fallout of a traumatic life event or erratic work shift. hronic insomnia involves experiencing a high degree of sleepless nights alternating with few nights of tranquil sleep.

    Lifestyle changes, behavior therapy, hypnosis or antidepressants can be deployed to cure Insomnia.

  3. Restless Leg Syndrome:

    Restless leg syndrome involves an irresistible urge to maneuver your legs when you are in a resting position. Stretching, moving or walking can give you some relief from the unpleasant feeling or irresistible urge to move your legs. Behavioral therapy and proven medications can help treat restless leg syndrome.

  4. Narcolepsy:

    Falling asleep instantaneously, disregarding the time or place is called narcolepsy. Sleep paralysis, extreme drowsiness, hallucination and cataplexy are some of the major symptoms of this chronic sleep disorder. The main treatment options for narcolepsy include medication and scheduled naps.

  5. Parasomnias:

    This sleep disorder is expressed through atypical sleep behavior like sleepwalking, speedy eye movement, sleep-talking, etc. The patients often wake up in a state of confusion. It can be treated by medicines like melatonin. At Dr. JC Goodwin’s Sleep Effect Center For Apnea Management, you will receive individual and personalized care under an efficient team of sleep physicians.


If you stay in Prescott Valley and Flagstaff and are troubled by any of these above-mentioned symptoms, you are lucky to have Dr. JC Goodwin, a sleep physician at Sleep Effect Center For Apnea Management. They provide personalized care for curing sleep apnea that is less intrusive and includes non-traditional treatments. Visit their website for further details or take your earliest appointment for a consultation today!

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