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Best Ways to Cure Sleep Disorders | Prescott Valley | Flagstaff
What Are the Ideal Methods To Cure Sleep Disorders?

Most of us often have sleeping problems due to our busy schedules, stress and other pressures. Over 70% of Americans have stated that they get less than seven hours of sleep within the 24 hours time frame.

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Visit Sleep Disorders Center in Prescott Valley & Flagstaff
The Foremost Methods to Cure Sleep Disorder

No matter how tired you are after a long, tiring day at work, sometimes you can't just sleep at night. You may find it challenging to sleep due to stress or any external influence. While it is normal to miss sleep for a few days...

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Do You Wonder Whether You Suffer From Insomnia? | Flagstaff
Do You Wonder Whether You Suffer From Insomnia?

All of a sudden, you can't get sleep. Do you toss awkwardly and turn suddenly or gaze at the clock often before sleeping? Isn’t it infuriating? Well! It could be caused due to insomnia which is a disorder related to sleep.

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6 Effective Methods to Cure for Insomnia | Flagstaff, AZ
Throwing Light on Insomnia and Certain Methods to Cure It Swiftly

Insomnia is an ailment associated with a deficiency of sleep. It will be difficult for an individual diagnosed with insomnia to nap or to stay asleep. It ranges from acute or short-term to long-time or chronic insomnia.

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8 Treatments for Sleep Apnea Disorder | Clinic Flagstaff
Effective Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea Disorder in Flagstaff

Many people do not get enough sleep and silently endure sleep apnea. In sleep apnea the breathing gets interrupted regularly through the night. However, this can be treated and cured.

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TMJ Specialist with Symptoms | Flagstaff | Prescott Valley
TMJ Syndrome: Symptoms, Risks & Relief

Excruciating pain in the jaw and facial region can unsettle anyone. Such episodes concern the temporomandibular joint. The joint is the fulcrum that connects the upper jaw bone with its counterpart in the lower jaw.

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TMJ Disorder | TMJ Specialist Prescott Valley | Flagstaff
Throwing Light on TMJ Disorders: Its Diagnosis and Medicaments

Are you seeking a TMJ specialist in Prescott Valley and Flagstaff? Well, if you are, this blog can help. TMJ disorders are a nightmare. If it is diagnosed at the right time and treated well, you can get rid of this problem.

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Throwing Light on TMJ Specialist | Prescott Valley | Flagstaff
Throwing Light on TMJ Disorder

Located at the skull base on each side of the jaw, the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to the skull. It facilitates the necessary movement for chewing and talking.

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The 5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and Their Effective Treatment
The 5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and Their Effective Treatment

One of the most widely reported health issues across the world is associated with sleeping. Sleep disorders mostly comprise a varied group of conditions concerning lack of regular and sound sleep.

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Sleepless & Worried? Dial a Sleep Disorder Specialist!
Sleepless & Worried? Dial a Sleep Disorder Specialist!

Do you feel tired next day despite sleeping in the night? Sleep apnea could be the reason. Sleep apnea is the medical term for a disorder where the body involuntarily stops to breathe when in deep sleep...

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Do it for you… and them

I can’t take it anymore! Sleep breathing disorders including sleep apnea and heavy snoring can have devastating health consequences, including decreased life expectancy, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, decreased cognitive function, etc, but what often goes unrecognized is the health effect it has on the partner in the …

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How to Beat the Odds

How to Beat the Odds I don’t gamble much. Life is complicated enough considering real estate valuations, retirement investments, loan payments, etc., it seems like I already have all of the risks I can pretend to handle. When it comes to my health, I am certainly not interested in …

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I love being right!

I love being right! I love being right. It happens on occasion. The problem is sometimes you have to get it wrong before you have the chance to get it right and in medicine the window of opportunity rarely gives one a second chance. I got the chance to right the wrong. The human …

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It’s The Air!

I have been fortunate to have been able to spend a lot of time at Lake Powell, one of the most impressive and beautiful places I have seen, and I could tell stories about these trips for hours. One trip I remember in particular involved several families and over 20 …

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I lost a patient last week. She didn’t die. She left the office; angry. I regret that she was upset with me. I did what I was supposed to do, but it wasn’t what she wanted. I’ll attempt to explain the view from in between the rock and the hard …

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Saving the day (and the night)!

This dentist may save the day…and night. Snoring is NOT cool! We all have stories about someone we know who rattles the walls (maybe it’s you). What you may not know is that it can be deadly. That classic snoring sound, not to be confused with a Harley, is caused …

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What hump?

“What Hump?” Marty Feldman made me laugh. Many of you will recall his performance in the classic comedy “Young Frankenstein” playing the endearing Igor (which he pronounced with a long ‘I’ sound); a movie bristling with slapstick and quotable one-liners. When Dr. Frankenstein offers to surgically remove the hump from …

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