A Partnership of Success Working with physicians to resolve sleep apnea.
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Selective, Tailored Treatment Superior oral appliances for individual needs.
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Effective At-home Diagnosis No sleep center study required.
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An Alternative to CPAP Discover a comfortable, convenient solution.
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Choose a Sleep Apnea Dentist with a Practice Dedicated to Treating the Disorder

Dr. J.C. Goodwin is diplomate-credentialed in dental sleep medicine. He uses his training to provide personalized care and individualized solutions to improve our patients' quality of life. In fact, we often hear that our treatment for sleep apnea is positively life-changing. Many of our patients do not even realize how their life has been impacted by their condition until they receive a diagnosis and begin treatment.From initial evaluations to follow-up testing, Dr. Goodwin collaborates with a network of local specialists and primary care physicians to provide a comprehensive scope of care. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more.

Why Choose Sleep Effect?

Our entire practice is dedicated to the treatment of sleep apnea. We have a small staff so we can provide personal and personalized care. Our center represents a departure from conventional dentistry. Dr. Goodwin founded the program to co-manage patients' care with a team that includes general care practitioners, sleep physicians, cardiologists, and other specialists. 

Improving Compliance

Our program is designed to be more comfortable and less intrusive than traditional sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. For patients whose conditions do not require an overnight stay in a sleep center, we offer home sleep testing equipment. For patients with more severe symptoms, we use an advanced diagnostic system that can predict their responses to an oral appliance. Our practice has experienced tremendous success treating sleep apnea with these small, custom devices. Traditional treatment with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine has several drawbacks, resulting in a compliance rate of only 40 percent after one year. Research has shown that as many as 95 percent of patients who use our custom CPAP alternative regularly wear their oral appliance.

Affording Your Treatment

Dr. Goodwin is one of just a few dentists who are Medicare providers. Our staff is familiar with filing claims and billing, and can ensure you get the most out of your plan. We also work with other insurance providers and can handle all your related paperwork. Most of our patients incur little to no out-of-pocket expenses. 

Schedule a Consultation

Most of our patients know the effect that loud snoring and daytime fatigue can have on their work and relationships. What many do not realize is that the disorder can increase the risk for very serious health conditions such as memory loss, stroke, and even heart attack. Take the first step towards improved health by reaching out to our practice. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Goodwin today.

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